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Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

Cate:All positions welder Pubdate:2017-03-20

YX-150 series pipeline automatic welding equipment independently developed by our company is widely suitable for industries of oil and gas, refinery facilities, offshore and shipbuilding, heating pipe of power plant, tap water and gas pipeline of municipal construction, etc. Our all position automatic welding trolley with the advantages of light weight, mobility, wide usage, high efficiency, high welding qualification rate, etc, has been recognized and highly praised by the majority of customers.

l   Diameter Applicable: DN 150-3000mm

l   Wall Thickness: 5mm-40mm

l   Applicable Welding Seams: all kinds of pipe welding seams, such as pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-flange, flange-flange, flange-elbow, as well as vertical position welding and horizontal position welding of plate-plate, etc.

l   FCAW/GMAW fill in and cap pass welding

l   Wireless control box:Key type adjustment, all the arc starting, electric current and voltage, walking speed, swing speed, amplitude, wire feed speed, and stop time are adjustable. Wireless remote control range is 20 meters. Storage last operation data automatically.

l   Welding gun up and down range 30mm,Front and rear swing angle +/-10°

l   Welding method: CO2 gas shielded welding, mixed gas shielded welding.

l   Welding Power: KEMPPI